Steinway Model P1 Upgrade

Steinway Lyngdorf, a high-end audio manufacturer in partnership with Steinway & Sons, has released a software upgrade for their Model P1 Surround Sound Processor, adding full support of 3D video pass-through, an allchannels stereo mode and support for the high performance discrete audio codec DTS Express™.

“We are always striving to improve our products and adhere to the latest standards, taking it to the next level with adding full these new features was a natural step for us” said Peter Lyngdorf, Founder, Steinway Lyngdorf.

All Model P1 Processors will ship with this new software. Steinway Lyngdorf dealers and partners worldwide will have the ability to update systems already installed in clients’ homes through the Model P1 Surround Sound Processor´s web interface. In addition to providing remote firmware updates, such as the latest software upgrade, this web interface also allows for control and programming changes to be made.

As a testament to audio engineering at its best, the Model P1 Surround Sound Processor elevates movie enjoyment beyond imagination. When combining the built-in Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ decoding with the proprietary RoomPerfect™ adaptation technology, the Model P1 Surround Sound Processor produces the purest audio ever achieved, tailorÔÇÉmade for the home theater connoisseur.

The Model P1 is furthermore the first surround sound processor to process the audio signal entirely in the digital domain. High-definition audio signals are handled in full resolution, and after RoomPerfect™ processing, the signal is sent directly to the fully digital amplifiers using Steinway Lyngdorf´s digital link technology. Meaning every Steinway Lyngdorf system is able to maintain the audio signal entirely in the digital domain from the source to the speaker.




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W 10u 12u 14u 19u
D 10u 12u 14u 19u
V 10u 12u 14u 19u
Z 10u 12u 14u 18u
D 10u 12u 14u 18u
W 10u 12u 14u 18u
D 10u 12u 14u 18u
V 10u 12u 14u 18u
Z 10u 12u 14u 17u
M 10u 13u 14u 18u
D 10u 13u 14u 18u
W 10u 13u 14u 18u
D 10u 13u 14u 18u
V 10u 13u 14u 18u
Z 10u 13u 14u 18u